Nudity can be offensive to many people at many times and in many places, however......


If it were perfectly natural to be naked, we'd have all been born that way. God created nudity, man created shame. Many people have been brought up taught that nudity is immoral and we should never allow others to see our bodies. This sense of shame is not inborn: it is learned. Babies have no shame and neither do small children for several years until they've been taught that it's wrong to be seen naked. So it was for many early Christians in Biblical times. Many believe that most baptisms were even performed in the nude because it was comfortable and natural. It was not viewed as crude or lewd in any way. As a matter of fact if it were not common for people to see each other in the nude, circumcision would never have been the enormous issue that it was. - How would anyone know who was circumcised and who wasn't ?

Unfortunately many churches today (especially in the USA) teach, and have been teaching, unscriptural body shame.

Fortunately today many are learning: "Nude does not mean lewd." Naturism is really just an invented term referring to people who aren't hung up on seeing the human body (as God created it) as evil or disgusting.

Nudism promotes a healthy respect and trust with each other and after a few minutes of uncomfortableness when first exposed to this experience it becomes much less sexual and more naturally enjoyable. We can learn to respect one another's sensitivities and interests and communicate these to one another.

Naturism is commonly accepted in much of Europe (as well as many other parts of the world), where it has been shown that sexual attitudes are much more healthy, with less sexual abuse and violence. European women come to America's beaches and don't understand why they have to wear tops. This is a sign of our immaturity. At clothing optional places bodies are viewed with respect and nudity is comfortable and natural.

Many women worry that their nudity might be mistaken to mean availability. Many men worry that nudity might become too stimulating. However, these fears are mainly fears of the imagination, not the reality of actual experience. Men often think of nudism as sexual but become disappointed and self conscious when they find it isn't. Women are often reluctant to become involved in naturism for the same reasons men are attracted - sexual. But often women are the strongest supporters when they find it is more about honesty, openness and being free - not about sexuality.

In naturism however, there are many groups that go overboard on the non-sexual aspects which is the politically correct position. While the main focus of naturism should not be sexual, human sexuality should not be unnaturally suppressed with or without clothes on.

REMEMBER, Nudity is VOLUNTARY, but should not be viewed as illegal or immoral when done respectfully and in moderation in a reasonably private setting. It can be very healthy mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. If it feels wrong for you, don't do it, but don't tread on the freedom of others with your judgementalness. (Romans 14:1-4)

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