Tommy Douthat
Evangelist Minister
Personal Testimony

Tommy was raised in Northern Virginia by middle class parents who were married for 62 years until his Father passed away in 2015. His mom used to take the family to the Methodist church every Sunday morning while his dad stayed home sleeping. God was not a big part of his home life, and his upbringing was not based on God's laws or morals, outside of what he learned from his mom & Sunday School, it was more of a right and wrong with fear of consequence.
He was saved at the age of ten during a Billy Graham crusade. Tommy was a fairly active pre-teen Christian for several years, attending Bible studies and activities with his Pentecostal aunt. This lasted until she moved to Israel and Tommy entered high school. He soon became involved in the drug culture, and in time rose to leadership status in the local drug scene.

In effect, wasting the next ten years of his life dealing drugs and partying.  Tommy got into the rock-n-roll scene and was soon selling drugs to and partying with local and national bands.  He sold drugs to and partied with people from many various walks of life, including the local 1% bikers.  Tommy looked and acted the part, with long hair and attire of jeans and leather jackets, if he had owned a Harley back then he probably would have joined the Pagans MC.

In and out of the legal system from age 14, Tommy spent time in the local jails.  He ignored both man's & God's laws, breaking all ten commandments one way or another and suffering the consequences.

Christ's Love & Forgiveness always remained a part of him,  Tommy often fronted people the drugs and then forgave them when they could not pay, not exactly a normal quality for a drug dealer.
Having been taught that is was a sin to have sex before you're married Tommy made it to age 19 before he had sex for the first time, and three months later found out he was to become a father.  By the time he was 24, he had four children.  Tommy stuck beside his family although he was living with their mother out of wedlock for the first two years.

By late 1984 Tommy was miserable in his life apart from God, he missed making God the center of his life and he knew it. Around that time he was witnessed to by a couple who shared Jesus' Love with him.  He had the Jesus' facts all along but these people showed him Jesus' Love.   He began to attend a "Bible discussion group" and soon became involved in church regularly.

After getting married in October of 1984, and moving back to Virginia in the summer of 1985, Tommy began to look for a church. The Methodist church where he was raised was not teaching the Word so he began to attend a Baptist church. For the next six years Tommy tried to conform, cutting his hair, shaving his goatee off, and wearing a suit & tie to church.  He publicly acknowledged God's call on his life and began to preach regularly for the Baptist church.

God began to deal with him on the issue of Evangelism. He began to show Tommy how wrong it was that the church had constructed a mold that new Christians would have to fit into before they could be accepted. The Lord called him to view his former friends as the harvest rather than people to be avoided. God called Tommy to quit being someone he was not and be the person God had created.  So Tommy let his hair & beard grow long again and began to wear Christian T-shirts, instead of suits and ties.

Soon he was riding a Harley and wearing leather when he went to his Preaching engagements. Tommy also joined up with the Christian Motorcyclist Association and started to wear colors for Jesus.  He wore his CMA patches alone for over 2 years, and then met the Sons of God MC in March of 1991at the 50th annual BIKE WEEK in Daytona Beach FLA.

Tommy became totally immersed with his new brothers, even though the closest chapter was several hours away.  By this time, the Independent Fundamental Bible Believing Baptist Church that he had been attending for 5 years began to shun him and treat him as though he was a backslider based on his appearance.

God led Tommy to press on, and he started to attend another Baptist church, and was greeted with open arms by an Assistant Pastor who was excited and supportive of his calling. Sadly around this time Tommy's wife and the mother of his 6 children no longer wanted to be married, so he let her go and they were divorced. The Lord blessed him about 6 months later and he met his second wife lolly. They were married in 1993 and lived very happily together for 15 years until lolly left Tommy for another man in 2008. Although devastated he kept his faith and moved on. Tommy had his 7th child with her, a daughter Allie who was born in 1996. Tommy continued his mission to seek out those who had never been to church as well as those who had strayed.  It became evident that the Baptist name was limiting the effectiveness with people who were raised in other denominations, so in 1993 Tommy began to attend a non-denominational church called Calvary Chapel.
About that time Tommy became a full member of the Sons of God Motorcycle Club Ministry.  He held Bible study in the back of the carpet store that he owned, posting flyers in all the local biker shops. The interest was growing steadily and by 1994, there were over thirty people in regular attendance and twelve members in the new Northern Virginia chapter of the Sons of God MC. 
He was Ordained as an Evangelist Minister in April of 1996. Tommy also became the National Leader of the Sons of God Motorcycle Club Ministry and served for over six years. He then retired due to politics and internal division in 2001, and formed the